Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fletcher | 6 months {Happy 1/2 Birthday!}

Happy half birthday, little fox.  

It's hard to believe it's been 6 months since we first laid eyes on one another.  You are but a fleeting moment in time.  

However, I'm now experienced enough to know that this age is not the best or the last thing to happen to us.  There's much more to come.  So many wonderful things that come with each stage. 

Still...I document, I save.  Like it will somehow slow the passage of time.  It doesn't work.  But that doesn't stop me.  I hold on tightly to memories of these sweet baby days, but the joy of watching you learn and grow makes my heart full.  So keep going, little man, there's so much that lies ahead.  

My whole heart, 


We took Fletcher to "The Fox & Hound" to celebrate his half birthday. It's a bit of a stretch, but there isn't a restaurant called "Fletcher's" like there happen's to be a "Max's Diner" and "Sully's Pub" :)
Max thought it was so cool that the kid's menus had a fox on the front.
Yo Baby yogurt is our traditional first half-birthday treat.  Max was excited to be the one to feed it to him.
Max cleaning up his face.
Sully wanted a turn...
Things got a little messy.
And then Sullivan started sneaking bites :)
The boys loved the games and can't wait until his next half-birthday to come back :)
 It was fun introducing Fletcher to our little half-birthday tradition.

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