Monday, May 12, 2014

Date Night

Billy and I are working hard to ensure each of our kiddos get undivided time with us as often as possible.  Having three children (and hopefully more to come ;) one of our biggest parenting priorities is making them feel individual and special.  We want them to be confident in their role within our family and know how uniquely important they are.

We started this tradition as a gift to them, but to my surprise, these outings have had more of an affect on me.  When it's just Billy, me and the "kid of the day" I notice things about their personalities that I don't see when we're all together.  They come alive in a new way...or maybe I just see them in a different light.  A perspective free of distractions.  It's been a beautiful thing for my relationship with each of them.  And I'm so thankful for the time together to focus on them as individual people.

Here are a few snapshots of our most recent dates with each of the boys.

// Trains & Japanese Steakhouse with Sully // 

  I let him decide where he wanted to go and he chose the train museum without hesitation.  We had the whole place to ourselves...
  Then we took him to a Japanese Steakhouse because we thought he'd love the show.  Plus he's an adventurous eater and unlike most kids his age likes to try new foods.  
 He was dedicated to using the chopsticks and got pretty good at it.

//Burgers & Soccer with Max //

Max's current obsession is soccer, so we took him to a Sporting game.  We had never been to a game either, so it was a fun experience for us all.
 First stop: Cheeseburger in Paradise.
Max's playgroup friend/soccer buddy was there too!
A little chilly and a little tired, but he had a blast.

 // Art & Jazz with Fletcher//
Fletcher's date was back in March.  We had so much fun watching his reaction to the artwork.
Jazz music in the courtyard.
 I'm looking forward to many years of "dates" with my boys :)

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