Monday, May 5, 2014

Faith, Love and BBQ

Last Sunday Fletcher was given the gift of Baptism.  Even though the weather wasn't the best we were not going to let a spring storm rain on his parade.

The night before the baptism we brought out the boys' bibs, candles and other items that are reminders of their baptism day.  We hoped it would make Fletcher's day have more meaning for them.  We even dug out Dad's candle, although it wouldn't light.

 We looked at pictures from their special days and talked about how we celebrated.  After our discussion they were truly excited for Fletcher.

Fletcher did so well and didn't shed a tear.  This was my favorite moment of the day.

The Godparents, Kevin & Megan

Uncle Adam corralling the kids.

Sully was ready to head home for some BBQ and cake!
Cake by Suzette of the Cupcakery.

 We had a KC Style luncheon catered by Jack Stack and Boulevard.

Fletcher hanging out with Aunt Jenni {and the twins!}
We gave this box to Fletcher in honor of his baptism.  It was handmade by Ian Byrne.
It was a special day for Fletcher full of faith, love and BBQ.  What more does a boy need :)

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