Thursday, May 22, 2014

Adventure's with Sully

One of my favorite things about Sullivan is his adventurous spirit.  Whether it's a music class, toddler/momma yoga or ethnic food, he's happy to try new things, whereas Max has always been a bit more hesitant with new experiences.

On Wednesdays Sully is my sidekick because its the one day we have together when Max is in school and he stays home.  I love our time together because he's always enthusiastic about whatever I suggest.

Check out this little munchkin.  These are long lost pictures of us at classes we took last year during our days together.  He's changed so much...
This fall Sullivan will be going to school all three days, just like Max.  It's crazy that our free days together are coming to a close.  I'm going to miss my little mini-me.  

These are pics from our last adventure before school's out for the summer. We had lunch at a neighborhood restaurant that serves Pakistani and Indian food.  We had never been, but I knew he'd love it.  Sullivan and I have a lot in our mutual love for craft stores...and eating food in new restaurants. 
 Sullivan chose a Mango-Mint Smoothie and I had a Rose Chi Tea.  He tried mine and said, "Tastes like flowers!"  I was surprised he picked up on the rose flavor...quite the distinguished palate he has :)
 He likes to tell me all about construction.
 Waiting, waiting for our food...
He ate each bite dramatically and with dedication :)
 He loved the spicy samosas and pakoras.
 Fletcher just snoozed away while Sully and I dined al fresco.
I guess he'll move up the ranks as my new sidekick :)
   I hope there's another adventurous spirit growing inside this little one.

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