Monday, June 15, 2015


Isn't that a wonderful word?
It sounds so full...if that makes any sense?  Full of promise and hope and anticipation. Whether you're expecting a baby or just your next order...expecting is such a fun state to be in.

If we are talking about expecting, as in a child, I prefer the term "expecting" to "pregnant".  Mostly because...I'm the only one pregnant, but me and Billy and the boys and our whole family is expecting.

We're expecting joy and love beyond measure.  We're expecting a little person who we won't be able to imagine our lives without.

I'm expecting sleepless nights and tears of exhaustion.  I'm expecting dreamy milk-drunk baby moments and diaper blowouts.  

I'm expecting feelings of abundance and humbling gratitude for the richness that is life.

And, as always, I will leave room to expect the unexpected :)
Who are you little baby?  We cannot wait to meet you.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fletcher's Half-Birthday | 1.5

18 Month Stats:
long and lean...
34 inches, 90th% 
26 lbs, 60th%

We celebrated Fletcher's half-bday at Foos Fabulous Frozen Custard.  
Foos Fabulous for Fletcher Fox...if there isn't a placed called "Fletcher's", a good alliteration is the next best thing for "his spot" I suppose :)

Last year on his half we took him to The Fox & Hound for dinner since we've called him our little fox since he was born.  But, things are driving across Stateline at 5pm on a weekday with hungry boys. 

Billy wanted to keep the tradition of The Fox & Hound alive, but I was like, "Foos Fabulous for The Fox is just fine. The kids are starving."  And I think Fletch will always prefer ice cream for dinner instead of driving to some random restaurant anyway.  So we're flexible.  Foo's is now Fletcher's 1/2 bday spot.
Fletcher and Max chose sprinkles for their topping.  Sullivan always picks strawberries/raspberries.
We adore you, Fletcher, and your sweet, independent personality.
There's something peaceful and special and content about your being.
You're so easy to love.

Happy half, my little fox.

Fletcher can,
- count to three
- say many words...favorites are "deee-licious!" and "don't know?/where go?" (complete with animated hand gesture)
- climb ladders
- kick and throw a ball

Fletcher loves,
- the "if you're happy and you know it"song
- destroying his big brothers block towers, puzzles or anything else he perceives as important work or unworthy of so much attention
(Max and Sully are surprisingly patient with him when he does this)
- Wa-pples (waffles) with honey
- drawing with chalk, reading books and "go up-down" on the teeter-totter

Fletcher does NOT like,
- much as I plead with him to watch just 15 minutes of Sesame Street he'll have none of it.  (good thing for his developing brain, bad thing for a tired momma ;)
- swim lessons (file this under "cruel and unusual punishment")