Monday, March 31, 2014


My dear boys, 

You have changed the path of my life is the most wonderful way. 

Love. Chaos. Love. Exhaustion. Love. Patience. Love.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

And these faces are just too much.


My whole heart.  Forever.

{ we turned getting dressed/wrestle-mania into a mini photo shoot last Friday morning :) }

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Irish Luck

I realized early in my relationship with Billy that being a Murray was synonymous with being Irish.  And St. Patrick's Day is a big deal.  A holiday that had passed me by for years is now one that I fully embrace. 

As soon as March arrives we're wearing green, growing shamrocks and listening to old Irish records Billy's parents gave us (plus a The Elders and Black 47 too).  My kids look forward to "the Irish season" so much because they know it means a lot of Murray family time!

The first week in March we took a walk up the street to introduce the boys to someone who is special to their Dad and me.  Ian Byrne (lead singer of The Elders, the Irish band that played at our wedding) opened a custom shop and gallery called Off The Floor Woodworking just a few blocks from us.  It was great to see him and show him just how much our lives have changed since our wedding day!
"Where are we going, Mom?"
Horrible iPhone pic, but it'll have to do.
 His work is beautiful and we left with a one-of-a-kind handcarved box to give Fletcher in honor of his baptism next month.

As our Irish celebration continues...there's this guy.  Wearing a normal outfit for the month of March at our house.  You'd think we were headed to the parade.  Nope, just a regular Wednesday in March.

Our family festivities began on Snake Saturday with the parade in Brookside, followed by a corned beef and cabbage dinner at our house and finally a breakfast at Murray's Tables & Taps on actual St. Patrick's Day.

How lucky we were to celebrate our Irish pride with my sister-in-law and nieces from Tennessee this year.
Billy and Kim so happy to be together again :)
PopPop helping Max score some candy.
My little lucky charm enjoying the parade.

Heading back home.  Sullivan, eating two suckers at once, in true fashion.

Double stroller.  Three kids.  It works.
Max picking up some tips from the big boys and our basketball star, Ella!
Fiona and Fletcher getting acquainted.
The oldest and youngest Murray cousins.
Lots of sweets!

Enjoying time with Mimi outside.
Tackling cousin Finn!  Poor guy.
The Murray brothers!
Sully...doing what he does best (eating/relaxing/being cute).
Max and Keegan

Fletcher-man with Aunt Lisa.
Sullivan was helping Dad take the banner down, but got tangled in it :)
The Murray kids with Mom and Dad.
May the luck of the Irish always be at hand.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Fletcher | 4 Months

My sweet Fletcher.  I can't get enough of that heart-bursting smile.  
You're such a happy boy.  You only truly cry right before you fall asleep.  Its a funny pattern we've noticed and the only time we ever see you sad.  I'm not sure why you fight it, but once you're asleep you sleep well.  

We're all having so much fun getting to know you.  Learning what makes you smile, the way you prefer to be swaddled (with your legs out!) and the toys you like best (the play mat mirror and your animal flashcards).  

You also love it when I sing to you.  The way you look at me when I sing (usually the Frozen soundtrack these days) makes me tear up.  There is so much love in your eyes.  It radiates from you.  Your brothers' reaction to my singing is not so moving ;)

We're cherishing this time in your life.  You're incredibly interactive and eager to learn about the world around you.  Our little sponge.  Feeding your curiosity is so gratifying.  

That's why we were thankful to have some "two-on-one" time with you a couple weeks ago.  Brothers were spending the night out so we took you on a date.  We stopped by one of our favorite spots, Aixios, and then headed down to the Nelson.  
Super excited to have Mom and Dad to himself.

 You LOVED the art gallery and kicked wildly at the paintings that had the most contrast.

There was live jazz in the Courtyard so we grabbed a table to listen for awhile.

You are such a bright little soul.  A happy light in our lives.
Our love is overflowing for you and we're looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us next.   

Happy four months!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fletcher Fox Throws a Party

We're loving Fletcher's playgroup!

I'm so glad we decided to join a separate group just for him with babies his age.  Max and Sullivan have their own playgroup that we've been a part of for three years now.  The women and kiddos have become dear friends.  It's kind of fun starting from the beginning again with a new group of awesome ladies and adorable babies.

We get together once a week to play, but after the rockin' baby Valentine's Day party given by one of Fletcher's friends last month we thought we'd keep the good times rolling with a St. Patrick's Day party. 
Fletch and Daddy in their Irish gear ready for the guests to arrive.
(We strategically timed the party for when the big brothers would be napping...otherwise it would have become the Max and Sully Show :)

We put out a few drinks and snacks...Chocolate Guinness Cake, Rainbow Fruit Skewers and Boulevard Beer Cheese Dip. 

My Irish Hooligan :)
Ready to party!

So fun to get to know these ladies/babies better and for our husbands to all meet each other too.

It was a fun way to kick off the "Irish Season" :)