Monday, February 17, 2014

Love Hangover

I look forward to holidays (even the ridiculous ones like Valentine's Day) with my kids so much. Mostly because I use it as an excuse to do one of my favorite things...plan a party.  Putting together these little surprises is a creative outlet for me.  I hope they never outgrow their excitement for my efforts because I really want to do these things until they're in high school :)

That being said...I'm really sick of hearts, sugar and the color red right now.
Ugh.  Love hangover.

They each got a small surprise, a card from Momma and a little note from Dad.
Donuts and yogurt w/strawberry sauce.

 Making Valentine Slime for their playgroup.  It's so easy they did it themselves (minus the measuring)
For our playgroup Valentine's Party.
For Sullivan's class.
For Max's class.
  Fletcher went to his very first Valentine's Party too!  We started going to a playgroup on Tuesday's when the big boys are in school so he could make his own "friends" and I could spend some quality time with him alone.  The Saturday before V-day one of the babies hosted an awesome party :)
Ready to go!

I love these little valentine's of mine...

We hosted playgroup on Valentine's Day at the Vintage House and celebrated Max's birthday too.
Cookie decorating and strawberry milk.

So much fun.  So much love.


  1. I am so inspired and amazed at your dedication to everything in your life. Much love,

    1. Such kind words, Charmalee. Thank you. We sure miss you here in KC! XO