Monday, September 15, 2014

Fletcher | 10 Months

Dear Fletcher,

I love watching you unravel the world around you with excitement and wonder.  It's one of the best things about being a mom. Every day there are so many new things to do and see and put in your mouth. We're having so much fun :)  You love to dance/bounce, swing at the park and play "ball".  Oh my goodness...the ball is your favorite.  The first thing you say when I get you out of bed in the morning is "Bah?" and look for your favorite ball.

Which brings me to your WORDS!

You can say ball ("bah"), rock ("ock"), bottle ("baba") and, of course, "mama".  You're still holding out on "Dada", poor Daddy.  You're signing "eat", "more", "all done" and waving bye-bye.

My sweetness.  I can't get enough of those squishy cheeks and that 2-tooth smile...

" my feet hang off the edge now?"....
"How did my legs get so long??"

  I predict that we'll have news of first steps by next month! :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Future's So Bright

The summer flew by and the boys are back in school.  Sullivan is officially a "pre-schooler" and Max is in Pre-K.  They're in school three, half-days a week. 

When we started this program Max was 18 months old and went one day a week.  We called it "school" but it was really just "mother's day out".  The Pre-K kid's that had a classroom across the hall at that time seemed like such big kids!  I blinked and now my Max is one of those "big kids".  I'm already mentally preparing myself for Kindergarten next year.  I can already feel our carefree days slipping away.  Next year at this time we'll actually have to BE somewhere at a specific time....every single weekday.  We're so used to doing whatever we want, whenever we want.  Our days are very spontaneous.  I know it sounds selfish and stubborn, but I'm not ready for that to be taken away.  We'll be living it up this year that's for sure!

Take a look at my baby on is FIRST First Day ever...
(same lunchbox ;)

The day before school I gave them their back-to-school surprises.
Max had been begging me for "tie shoes" and really wants to learn to tie laces himself.  And since Sully is now an official pre-schooler he gets a backpack this year.
And my kids love getting new undies :)
We had our traditional back-to-school breakfast.

 And I put mini paper airplane notes in their lunch.
 Getting our gifts for the teachers ready...
 A quick pic with Dad...
Sullivan was so excited!  He wanted his own pic :)
 So proud of my little guys!

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