Monday, August 24, 2015

The Final Countdown + the Nursery

We're in the homestretch.  
I'm about a week from my due date and if we're not ready now, we never will be.

My last "to-do list" box to check was packing for the hospital. 
Packing my hospital bag is one of those things that makes me the most happy toward the end.  It's so satisfying, or even therapeutic, after 9+ months of appointments and preparing.  Like putting the finishing touch on a project you've worked so hard on.

I had this plan to pack my bag and the baby's things in peace.  A brief moment of Momma alone time.  HOWEVER, I get lots of help around here.  And by help, I actually mean...the opposite of help.  Unsolicited assistance around every corner  - all day, every day ;)

I had everything laid out/folded and then my mini micro-managers popped in. 
These boys have the biggest hearts and best intentions.Their little spirits are bursting with anticipation too and I want to share the excitement with them.  So the whole fam crashed the nursery just to un-do all that I had already done :) 
Oh well,there are worse things than refolding tiny adorable baby clothes.
{Can you spot Max behind me?...}
And, just for fun, here's what I'm bringing...
1) The comfiest strapless maxi dress ever and an oversized scarf - my hospital go-to outfit each time.  Easiest way to nurse at the hospital but still look halfway presentable when visitors pop in.  No snaps or straps...just super comfy.
2) XL Kimono Robe - along the same lines as above - comfort and easy access for nursing. 
3) Music, charger + camera 
4) Rosary - will hopefully give me something to focus my mind on and bring me some peace when things get real. 
5) The daily routine basics. 
6) A few tiny outfits for baby.  Gender neutral and so, so soft.  (I might throw in a bow or pink socks just in case this baby happens to be the girl kind :)  
7) My favorite muslin swaddle blanket.  
8) Not pictured: granola bars and slippers.  Max insisted that I add some granola bars to my bag (not for me...but in case he needs a snack when he comes to visit, lol) and Sully pointed out that I had nothing to wear on my feet, so he grabbed my slippers.  I guess I needed their help after all :) 
And now for the nursery.  It's finished! (minus adorable baby to go in it ;)  

Normally I'm pretty bold with color, but for some reason I was craving monochrome for this nursery.  Something about the simplicity of it gives me a feeling of peace. It's the perfect serene spot to cuddle a baby
In this room time seems to stand still.  I daydream about our new baby from the rocking chair and the boys draw pictures for their little sibling.  We all like spending time in this space.
Nearly everything in this room was repurposed from another area of our house, found at a thrift store, garage sale or Craigslist.  I think the only things I bought new are the rug (75% off from!), bedding (Target + the crib "skirt" is actually just a piece of fabric) and curtains (Ikea).  I love a challenge and I think by the time I sold off my old rug and accessories from Fletcher's nursery I almost broke even.  My big splurge was the wallpaper behind the crib.
We repainted this table/chairs from Fletcher's nursery.  Billy thought it was ridiculous b/c the table was originally white...but I HAD to have it mint green for Fletcher's nursery. Two years later we're painting it back to it's original color.  I convinced him that the gold-dipped legs made all the difference.
One final pic of the bump - 38 weeks and 4 days - but measuring WAY ahead of that.  I won't get specific, but I don't think its possible to be pregnant for the amount of weeks my belly is measuring.  Like, people can't believe I'm not having twins.
And now we wait...

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