Monday, May 19, 2014

15 Minutes of Fame

Last month the boys and I were asked to be in a commercial for their pediatric dentist.   I was hesitant.  They actually like the dentist and sit still for their cleanings/x-rays...but asking them to "act" was a whole other thing.  I had no idea if they would cooperate.  I finally agreed and then tried to explain to the boys what we would be doing.  
When the day of the shoot arrived I figured they'd flat out refuse to do what the producers asked.  Especially since they're both pretty shy when put on the spot.  And on top of that there were multiple lights and cameras and people around.  I was nervous.  They were counting on us and I thought we'd likely leave them nothing to work with.  

But, I was wrong.  The boys were surprisingly cooperative.  They smiled for the camera, performed their "lines" and didn't act nervous at all.  I couldn't believe it.

When we first arrived on set.  9am.
It was a long day.  We were shooting from 9am-5pm.  Which seems ridiculous for a 30 second spot.  Much of it was spent waiting.
We caught them on a good day because they even waited patiently for the next scenes.

Max's first scene.

The final take of the day was actually the first scene in the commercial.  All they had to do was jump up and down and yell "yay!!!".  That's when the exhaustion started to set in.  They had no nap and it was nearly 5pm when we got to that scene.  At one point Sully laid down on the floor and refused to stand up.  
Promises of Chik-fil-A revived him :)

It was a fun experience, but we're definitely not cut out for it.   It's kind of weird to be watching The Tonight Show and then see my kid's pop up on the screen during the commercial break.  

Here's the final result!

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