Sunday, December 1, 2013

Before and After

I love documenting change.  Mostly because change scares me, I think.  The present too quickly becomes the past.  And the change I see happening on a daily basis is hard to keep up with sometimes.

Taking before/after pictures allows me to face my fear of the swift passage of time, while preserving the past.  It's my therapy :)

 It's unbelievable how quickly all of these "before" pictures were replaced by the "after" photos.

I had a surprise for my boys on St. Patrick's Day...

Their gift finally arrived to fill the onesie :)
"The Proof" -  March 2013 {6 weeks}
"The Countdown" -  October 2013 {36 weeks}
 "The Prize" ;) - November 2013 {1 week old}

Who will the lucky little one be?
Max and Sully thinking: "Hmm...what's the return policy on babies?" 
(Fletcher was only yawning, but the boys' reaction is hilarious :)

The boys love their new baby brother and Fletcher has taken it easy on me so far by eating and sleeping well (knock on wood).   

A lot of change around here recently, but everyone has adjusted better than I expected.  

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  1. Your family needs to be in magazines. Love you. Love this. Just lots of love.