Monday, June 23, 2014

Father's Day

Dear Billy,

You are patience and heart embodied. 
I believe you were meant to be a father.

You're the kind of person who never has a bad word to say about anyone...always looking for the best in all people and every situation.  It comes naturally to you.

Never one to seek approval from others to fill yourself up, our sons notice your quiet confidence. 

You hold doors, smile at strangers and jump at the chance to help another.  Your example is teaching our children how to interact with the world around them.  Your goodness is molding and shaping our boys into men who will go on to be good fathers themselves.  

What you do for all of us everyday is immeasurable.  From the biggest things to the smallest things they all add up to one very happy, very lucky little family.

I hope we made you feel loved on Father's Day.

Me and your boys    

Photos of Father's Day weekend fun:
Instead of the traditional hand/foot prints...we did booty prints.  Their little bottoms are the cutest :)

Heineken's in honor of Grandpa McGarry Murray. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Fletcher William | 7 Months

My darling, my heart.  7 months old now.
You have grown from a tiny infant into an active baby in what feels like a single breath.

Every day we find more reasons to love you.  

You eat well and sleep well.  You're calm and content. I'm not sure what I did to deserve a third "easy baby", but everyday I am thankful.  

You don't mind playing independently and are happy to sit at my feet while I make the big boys lunch or do the dishes.  Your patience actually stirs up feelings of guilt inside me.  You seem to know that I need a second set of arms, so you give me a, "Mom, don't worry about me, I can wait." every time I need to set you down to juggle requests from your older brothers.  You rarely protest and that makes my job as momma so much easier.

Recently, your bottom teeth began working their way in and it's been taking a toll on you the past few days.  Getting smiles from you has been a struggle (as seen above!).  I can tell they're really bothering you and I'm hoping that means they're close to breaking through the surface so we can get this over with.  Seeing you not act like yourself makes my heart hurt.

You've been quite the wiggle worm too.  You spend most of your time trying to figure out how to get going.  Rolling, reaching, pushing up and kicking like a wild man.  I think you'll be mobile way before I'm ready.

All of our lives are fuller with you in it.  You have added so much to our family.  The brothers remain enchanted.  As do your momma and dada.

Precious, perfect, loved. You can always be sure of these things, my sweet fox.

My whole heart,

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ireland from my iPhone.

I'm still dreaming of our week in the Irish countryside. I'm so happy to be back home with my kiddos (and I feel refreshed enough to truly enjoy them :), but I still keep coming back to these fuzzy photos on my phone. 

An afternoon spent laying in the sun reading and napping in intervals.  A pint of Guinness in an old, dark pub.  Incredible music and food.  Late night conversations with my oldest and dearest friends around a warm fire.  A beautiful wedding.

My heart is still beating for these moments. 

Dinner our first night.  We arrived a day earlier than the others so we could spend a night in one of our favorite little villages -- Bunratty.
On a blanket.
Late night conversations at the Manor house.  This was one of my favorite rooms.

Our first night in Bunratty before meeting up with the rest of the party.
Live music at our hotel.
I have another pic exactly like this from 8 years ago.  Unbelievable how much has changed since the last time I stood in that spot.
Bunratty Village
The hallway to our room at the manor house.
Many memories made in the pub the last time we were in Ireland.
Fancy Irish Coffee at the Ashford Castle.
Our bus for the trip to Cliffs of Moher.
A beautiful day at the cliffs.  Beats the last time we visited...cold and rainy.

At the manor house.  A view from the top of the stairs.

Rehearsal dinner.
Ashford Castle.

Hen/Stag party dinner at the Malt House in Galway.

The wedding.

The friends gift to the bride and groom - a surprise bagpiper.

Headed home.
Ready to see these faces. 
 Thanks to Lolli and Mimi who kept the pictures of our wee lads coming while we were away...I saved every single one on my phone :)