Thursday, May 22, 2014

Adventure's with Sully

One of my favorite things about Sullivan is his adventurous spirit.  Whether it's a music class, toddler/momma yoga or ethnic food, he's happy to try new things, whereas Max has always been a bit more hesitant with new experiences.

On Wednesdays Sully is my sidekick because its the one day we have together when Max is in school and he stays home.  I love our time together because he's always enthusiastic about whatever I suggest.

Check out this little munchkin.  These are long lost pictures of us at classes we took last year during our days together.  He's changed so much...
This fall Sullivan will be going to school all three days, just like Max.  It's crazy that our free days together are coming to a close.  I'm going to miss my little mini-me.  

These are pics from our last adventure before school's out for the summer. We had lunch at a neighborhood restaurant that serves Pakistani and Indian food.  We had never been, but I knew he'd love it.  Sullivan and I have a lot in our mutual love for craft stores...and eating food in new restaurants. 
 Sullivan chose a Mango-Mint Smoothie and I had a Rose Chi Tea.  He tried mine and said, "Tastes like flowers!"  I was surprised he picked up on the rose flavor...quite the distinguished palate he has :)
 He likes to tell me all about construction.
 Waiting, waiting for our food...
He ate each bite dramatically and with dedication :)
 He loved the spicy samosas and pakoras.
 Fletcher just snoozed away while Sully and I dined al fresco.
I guess he'll move up the ranks as my new sidekick :)
   I hope there's another adventurous spirit growing inside this little one.

Monday, May 19, 2014

15 Minutes of Fame

Last month the boys and I were asked to be in a commercial for their pediatric dentist.   I was hesitant.  They actually like the dentist and sit still for their cleanings/x-rays...but asking them to "act" was a whole other thing.  I had no idea if they would cooperate.  I finally agreed and then tried to explain to the boys what we would be doing.  
When the day of the shoot arrived I figured they'd flat out refuse to do what the producers asked.  Especially since they're both pretty shy when put on the spot.  And on top of that there were multiple lights and cameras and people around.  I was nervous.  They were counting on us and I thought we'd likely leave them nothing to work with.  

But, I was wrong.  The boys were surprisingly cooperative.  They smiled for the camera, performed their "lines" and didn't act nervous at all.  I couldn't believe it.

When we first arrived on set.  9am.
It was a long day.  We were shooting from 9am-5pm.  Which seems ridiculous for a 30 second spot.  Much of it was spent waiting.
We caught them on a good day because they even waited patiently for the next scenes.

Max's first scene.

The final take of the day was actually the first scene in the commercial.  All they had to do was jump up and down and yell "yay!!!".  That's when the exhaustion started to set in.  They had no nap and it was nearly 5pm when we got to that scene.  At one point Sully laid down on the floor and refused to stand up.  
Promises of Chik-fil-A revived him :)

It was a fun experience, but we're definitely not cut out for it.   It's kind of weird to be watching The Tonight Show and then see my kid's pop up on the screen during the commercial break.  

Here's the final result!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fletcher | 6 months {Happy 1/2 Birthday!}

Happy half birthday, little fox.  

It's hard to believe it's been 6 months since we first laid eyes on one another.  You are but a fleeting moment in time.  

However, I'm now experienced enough to know that this age is not the best or the last thing to happen to us.  There's much more to come.  So many wonderful things that come with each stage. 

Still...I document, I save.  Like it will somehow slow the passage of time.  It doesn't work.  But that doesn't stop me.  I hold on tightly to memories of these sweet baby days, but the joy of watching you learn and grow makes my heart full.  So keep going, little man, there's so much that lies ahead.  

My whole heart, 


We took Fletcher to "The Fox & Hound" to celebrate his half birthday. It's a bit of a stretch, but there isn't a restaurant called "Fletcher's" like there happen's to be a "Max's Diner" and "Sully's Pub" :)
Max thought it was so cool that the kid's menus had a fox on the front.
Yo Baby yogurt is our traditional first half-birthday treat.  Max was excited to be the one to feed it to him.
Max cleaning up his face.
Sully wanted a turn...
Things got a little messy.
And then Sullivan started sneaking bites :)
The boys loved the games and can't wait until his next half-birthday to come back :)
 It was fun introducing Fletcher to our little half-birthday tradition.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Date Night

Billy and I are working hard to ensure each of our kiddos get undivided time with us as often as possible.  Having three children (and hopefully more to come ;) one of our biggest parenting priorities is making them feel individual and special.  We want them to be confident in their role within our family and know how uniquely important they are.

We started this tradition as a gift to them, but to my surprise, these outings have had more of an affect on me.  When it's just Billy, me and the "kid of the day" I notice things about their personalities that I don't see when we're all together.  They come alive in a new way...or maybe I just see them in a different light.  A perspective free of distractions.  It's been a beautiful thing for my relationship with each of them.  And I'm so thankful for the time together to focus on them as individual people.

Here are a few snapshots of our most recent dates with each of the boys.

// Trains & Japanese Steakhouse with Sully // 

  I let him decide where he wanted to go and he chose the train museum without hesitation.  We had the whole place to ourselves...
  Then we took him to a Japanese Steakhouse because we thought he'd love the show.  Plus he's an adventurous eater and unlike most kids his age likes to try new foods.  
 He was dedicated to using the chopsticks and got pretty good at it.

//Burgers & Soccer with Max //

Max's current obsession is soccer, so we took him to a Sporting game.  We had never been to a game either, so it was a fun experience for us all.
 First stop: Cheeseburger in Paradise.
Max's playgroup friend/soccer buddy was there too!
A little chilly and a little tired, but he had a blast.

 // Art & Jazz with Fletcher//
Fletcher's date was back in March.  We had so much fun watching his reaction to the artwork.
Jazz music in the courtyard.
 I'm looking forward to many years of "dates" with my boys :)

Monday, May 5, 2014

Faith, Love and BBQ

Last Sunday Fletcher was given the gift of Baptism.  Even though the weather wasn't the best we were not going to let a spring storm rain on his parade.

The night before the baptism we brought out the boys' bibs, candles and other items that are reminders of their baptism day.  We hoped it would make Fletcher's day have more meaning for them.  We even dug out Dad's candle, although it wouldn't light.

 We looked at pictures from their special days and talked about how we celebrated.  After our discussion they were truly excited for Fletcher.

Fletcher did so well and didn't shed a tear.  This was my favorite moment of the day.

The Godparents, Kevin & Megan

Uncle Adam corralling the kids.

Sully was ready to head home for some BBQ and cake!
Cake by Suzette of the Cupcakery.

 We had a KC Style luncheon catered by Jack Stack and Boulevard.

Fletcher hanging out with Aunt Jenni {and the twins!}
We gave this box to Fletcher in honor of his baptism.  It was handmade by Ian Byrne.
It was a special day for Fletcher full of faith, love and BBQ.  What more does a boy need :)