Monday, August 10, 2015

Celebrating Sully (+ our rain curse continues ;)

Phew! The 4th birthday celebration tour is over.  So much cake, so much happiness.
There is no better feeling in the world than seeing your kiddo completely overjoyed.

Sullivan had a blast over the past few days which can only best be illustrated by photos...

Round 1:
August 6th...his actual birthday.  We had a small celebration at home.  He received a few gifts from us (including a real live fish!) and a homemade gift from his brothers.
Obsessed with airplanes and helicopters!
He got to pick the party theme (Team Umizoomi from Nick Jr) and what we had for dinner (pizza, strawberries/blueberries and chocolate milk).  

I found a bunch of free printables online, including the cupcake toppers, and Sullivan was as happy as could be with the decor ;)
Keeping them entertained with Team Umizoomi coloring sheets while the pizza was baking...
I love my little family so much.
He was thrilled with the giant Yahtzee the brothers made for him!

Here the two brothers are hard at work in the art room earlier in the week...
Yard Yahtzee!

The fish was also a huge hit.  Sully named him "Taxi" and has been spending so much time just watching him swim around and talking to him :)
feeding and talking to Taxi before bed.

Round 2:
We hosted our weekly playgroup the next day at my family's event space,  The Vintage House. We did a little "Birthday Book Swap", made Pet Rocks and had a donut cake.

His friends brought books from their own shelves and each kiddo got to choose one new book from the stash to take home.  The remaining ones that weren't picked are headed to kids in KC who don't have access to many books via The Family Conservancy.
Pure joy only costs one dozen Dunkin Donuts :)
We made pet rocks for a craft.  Simple and fun.
Picking out some "book worms" to take home.

Round 3:
Last but not least - our family party!  I let Sully invite a couple friends from his class too.  He told me he wanted an airplane/helicopter/pool party.  The pool party from last year still haunts me, but it wouldn't rain two years in a row, right?!  Not in August.  Ha.

The rain chances were supposed to hold off until 3pm and his party started at 11am.
But since we seem to have the worst luck with the weather it started raining about 30 minutes into his party.  The silver lining is that there was no thunder or those of us who were already wet didn't mind.  It did make our cupcakes and cookies a little soggy, but again, the show went on.
And all I cared about was the smile on my sweet boy's face!
A-dorable and delicious cookies by CR Confections
Easy lunch for the littles.
The kids got aviator glasses, little helicopters and gummie airplanes.
 I love you, my sweet Sully-bear.  I think you had all the sugar, swimming and celebrating you could handle!

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