Monday, August 4, 2014

You win some/You lose some: Sully's Soggy 3rd Birthday

Invitation for Sullivan's "Hide-and-Seek Birthday Brunch"
We had Sullivan's 3rd birthday party yesterday.  Otherwise known as the day it was supposed to be 90 degrees and sunny with no chance of rain.  When we woke up to a dreary morning I couldn't believe it.  I checked the weather again...the trusty weather-people said the rain should clear by 10am.  Ok, fine, the party starts at 11.

So we stuck to the plan and set up the party at the pool.  As 11am neared it became clear that the rain was not going to stop.  My heart sank for Sully.  I thought he was going to be so bummed.  But as soon as Billy showed up to the park with the boys my initial disappointment with the rain was combated by the bright smile on Sullivan's face.  He lit up when he saw the decorations and his donut cake.  He didn't care at all that it was raining.  The boys danced around in the puddles singing "happy birthday" while waiting for guests to arrive.  Suddenly the weather made no difference to me either.

All was fine until we saw a flash of lightening.  That's when I decided the fun rain-party was not safe.  So we took the party back to my messy, non-party-ready house. Not that I do too much when people are coming over anyway, but I usually at least try to vacuum!  Oh well.  That's life.  I mean...the 0% chance of rain all week made me comfortable enough to not even THINK of a back-up plan for the party.

Either way, the whole family pitched in moving the food/drink/decorations from the park back to our house.  

Within 10 minutes the Mimosa/Bloody Mary/Iced Coffee Bar was set up in my dining room and we barely missed a beat.

And we were able to collect many books for The Family Conservancy!

Little guests got to take home "Hide-and-Seek" bottles...
Sully had a great time playing with cousins, opening gifts and playing hide-and-seek at home.  

Later in the afternoon, post-nap, they woke up to sunny skies.  So we decided to head back to the park for another try.  We packed up leftovers from brunch and ate and splashed around and played games.

Hide-and-seek treasure hunt in the pool. Fletch was the ref.
That night as I was getting Sully ready for bed he said "Saanks (thanks) Mom - best party I had"  
Some days things don't go as planned, but turn out better than you expected.

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