Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Memories + Milestones

Early one August morning, five years ago, baby Max and I were sitting on our front porch when we heard bagpipes playing nearby.  I walked him up the street to see what the occasion was and we saw uniformed kids filing into Visitation.  It was the first day of school.  

We sat outside and watched the kids getting pictures taken and giving their parents one last hug.  I was nowhere near being a part of that "club" yet.  My baby was just 6 months old.  Max and I walked back home and I tucked that memory away.  Until yesterday morning.  

As we walked him into that same building, the image of me holding my chubby little guy was suddenly brought to the forefront of my mind as the bagpipes played in the background.  The swiftness of time rushed in at that moment and made me catch my breath.
That day was here already.
Dad, Max and the bagpiper.
So proud and ready to take on the universe :)
I look soooo comfortable, don't I? Everything hurts.
Dad giving one last pep talk.
All of that being said, it's not like I was totally unprepared for this day to come :)   I've been thinking about it all summer and I wanted to be thoughtful about the way we geared up for this big transition.  Plus I just really, REALLY enjoy doing these fun surprises for the kiddos...
I went ahead and included the other boys in the festivities even though they still have 3 weeks until their school starts.  I'm sure to be in the "newborn fog" by then.
The boys were so excited about our "Goal Setting" dinner and my Dollar Store surprises :)  We all wrote down the things we wanted to focus on this school year...including Billy and me.  
Sullivan's goals were - follow directions, be a good friend and learn bigger math :)  Fletcher's was to just not cry at drop off since it'll be the first time he's ever been to "school".
I also gave them each a notebook to be used as a "daily journal" so they have a place to draw something about their day while I'm finishing up making dinner each evening.  Hopefully this will keep them out of the kitchen and seated at the table during those final dinner prep minutes.  This is just a theory...we'll see how it goes ;)  So far so good, though for the past couple nights.
I let Max pick the dinner menu - BLTs, corn on the cob and grapes.
We also put together a simple little B2S gift for Mrs. Noonan...
Clip art, a color printer and 5 minutes is all it took for these little labels.
Addressing it to his teacher and signing his name.
This past Saturday we gave the boys a couple things they each needed for school.
Fletcher's face as he see's his new fox lunch box cracks me up.
I let Max graduate from the "preschool" lunch box/back pack he used for the past 4 years.  However I refused to have "Max" monogrammed on it as he requested.  Not with 2+ other boys who will be into superhero lunch boxes in the future!
Fletch got his very first lunch box and Sully got a few little things (pencil bag with new markers, Spiderman kleenex, undies and a book ) since there wasn't any new gear he really needed.

So I think back to school was a success.   Max was thrilled with how his day went.  He was on cloud 9 when I picked him up, which made me the happiest momma ever.  Since he got out at noon the first day we celebrated with lunch at Andre's...a little cafe down the street from his school...
I had been worried that there was a possibility I'd miss the first day of school since I'm so close to my due date, but baby is just hanging out waiting for the right to time grace us.  I'm breathing a sigh of relief today knowing that this big event is behind us and now all I have to do is relax and wait for the next big thing!

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