Monday, July 27, 2015

the #bigs are ready + other stuff

We're getting ever closer to meeting this baby, which means I've been nesting and obsessing over the nursery, cleaning out our closets, making ridiculous/endless to-do lists and not really sleeping much anymore (the result of a combination of  heartburn, being huge and the aforementioned to-do lists weighing on my mind.)

I'm generally a laid back person, but the nesting instinct makes me temporarily crazy.  I logically know that all I need are some diapers and a few onesies, but the hormones convince me that I need to do ALL THE THINGS before baby comes home.

When Billy innocently suggests that maybe we should "put the projects on hold for now, because it IS possible to bring a new baby home without having our old side tables refinished", I gently put down my paint brush/hot glue gun/sand paper and offer no words...just the arms crossed/eyebrows raised stare.  Luckily he knows this means to slowly back away and go check the to-do list ;)  

Billy has seen this phase a few times before and goes with the flow. He's a saint.  He went to Walmart at 5am on Sunday morning to buy me a body pillow because I literally could not get comfortable enough to sleep this past Friday or Saturday night.  I didn't even have to ask, he just knew what I needed. That's love.  Or maybe he was just annoyed to be laying next to someone who's constantly changing positions, rearranging the pillows and pulling at the covers.  He probably just wanted some sleep too, but wouldn't ever tell me that ;)  I cherish him and his tolerance during the home stretch.

I really have no other pregnancy-related complaints right now other than how awkward sleeping is.  But this new Walmart pillow is magic (I took a heavenly nap with it on Sunday afternoon), so I'm hoping to sneak in some final weeks of uninterrupted sleep with my new secret weapon.

Speaking of sleep, the boys are doing great with the new sleeping arrangements. (huge sigh of relief!)  It took a night or two, but the novelty has worn off and Fletch has embraced his new spot.  

Other things...I designed these t-shirts for the boys and baby.   And by "designed" I mean typed words in a font I like and emailed it to a local t-shirt printer.  The guys are thrilled.  Max loves that his says "biggest" lest anyone forget.  I think they all feel like they're getting the recognition they deserve as they move up the ranks ;). I let them wear the shirts for just a little bit and had to persuade them to give them back until baby arrives.  I took the opportunity to take pictures, of course.  

If Fletcher grows even the tiniest bit in the next month his shirt won't even fit him when the baby arrives!

Also, last week after our 3D sonogram, the boys got to watch the video for "movie night".  It was so cute to watch them watching their new baby.  
 Even Fletch was jumping and pointing and exclaiming, "BABY!".  Max said he thought it was the cutest baby ever and Sully just wished he could hold the baby RIGHT NOW!  
I echo all of the above sentiments, my sweet boys.  

I love how enthusiastic they are about their new sibling.  Every time I go to a Dr appointment Sully asks..."you gonna get that baby out now??"  And I have to explain that 5 weeks is still a long way to go in "kid time" :)   They're trying to be patient.  

Not much longer now, big brothers!

Aww...and look what I dug up from before Fletcher was born...

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