Sunday, July 5, 2015

What freedom looked like to us...

We had the perfect, relaxing Independence Day.  The kids soaked up every ounce of sun, fun and chlorine that they could.

Here's what freedom looked like to us (from my iPhone)...
Kicked off the weekend on Friday with a morning activity centered around what the big celebration was all about.  And how freedom is not free.
Max and Sully put the numbered strips in order and learned some big new words...endowed, unalienable, liberty.  Not sure how much of all of this was actually retained, but we tried ;)
Fletch obviously had no idea what was going on, but enjoyed the glue stick!
So proud of his stars & stripes.
 Then we went to grill and play in the water at the Mimi & PopPop's house.  
Cousin fun.
photo cred: Colleen
 Early Saturday morning we went to Jenni & Adam's neighborhood for a parade.
My poor Max and his injury unrelated to the festivities.
Sully accidentally threw a book.  At his face.
From there we headed to a pool party at a friends house.
And then picked up some essentials for the evening... 
And that was just Part 1 of our day.

After a major power nap back at home (for ALL, including me :), we headed down the street to hang out with our dearest friends for a little street-party action.
Indoor appetizer break with the aunts.  And me making sure I got my share of guacamole.
Photo cred:  Neeley
Max was in little boy heaven with endless smoke bombs.
If summer had a flavor can we agree it would taste like a bomb pop?!
A little fact about me...I crave the old school way of doing things. And this was the perfect throw-back kind of celebration that I hope my kids get a heavy dose of throughout their childhood.

Sticky hands, dirty feet, sweaty faces.  Real stuff happening right here.
Oh, to be young, wild and free :)

We hope everyone had a happy and safe Independence Day!

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