Monday, July 20, 2015

The Bunk Room

So living in Brookside in a 100 year old house means we don't have a ton of space/bedrooms. It was a choice we consciously made when we decided we were forever Brooksiders (and also wanted a big family).  We realized we'd always face the challenge of available square footage.

However, for us personally, the space issue is a small sacrifice to pay for the fullness living in this community brings our family.  Plus we've always had this romantic belief that "love grows best in small houses".  We wouldn't trade it for anything, but that does mean we have to get creative as we expand.

With that in mind we divided the "kids living spaces" into three areas:  The Nursery, The Bunk Room and The Playroom.

Luckily, having all boys thus far, it works well to put them all in one room...frat house style ;)

The goal is for toys stay in The Playroom and have The Bunk Room be for sleeping/quiet time only.  As a rule we pretty much only allow books and stuffed animals in their room.  It's worked well so far and I attribute these "rules" to the reason my boys generally fall asleep quickly and easily once in bed.

Fletch is in the process of graduating from The Nursery to The Bunk Room and it was important to me to make an intentional space for him...even though the crib has been in that room since Sully joined the "big boy" ranks back in 2013.

I know Fletcher's little but I think he likes seeing some of his familiar things hanging over his "new" crib. And I keep pointing to his name up on the wall and telling him that it says "Fletcher".  The big boys are excited about their new roommate...provided he doesn't "keep them up" as Max says :)

We've tested the waters with the transition, but have yet to fully dive in.  I suspect it's going to be a rough couple nights at first (Fletch hasn't received the memo that this is the sleeping room NOT the party room) and I just haven't found the courage to fully commit quite yet! :)

Soon, though...the clock is ticking.

A peek at the boys' bunk room:
The Nursery is currently undergoing a transformation as well. I have been Craigslisting, thrifting and PAINTING my heart out, so hopefully it all comes together the way I envision.  Pics to come :)

Here are the before pictures of the nursery when I had just completed it for Fletch...

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