Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Scenes from a Snow Day

I really don't like winter, but there's something exciting about anticipating a 
city-stopping snow storm.   

Inside our cozy home, insulated by the snow, we made many warm memories:

Crock-pot "Hot Chocolate" steel cut oatmeal.  
They cooked all night long and the boys were thrilled to wake up to snow and something special for breakfast.
 They even talked me into letting them put marshmellows on top.  

"It IS called 'Hot Chocolate' oatmeal, mom..."
 Pairs well with "green juice" :)

Sledding.  Or, rather, getting pulled around on the sled.
 Snow painting with Kool-Aid in squirt bottles.  I should have stuck with green, blue and purple colors.  The red and yellow looked a little suspicious in the fresh white snow :)

I wanted Fletcher to experience it too.  I feel bad that this little man has barely seen the light of day since he was born.  Even when we do leave the house his carseat is completely covered to protect him from the cold.  I think he's only experienced fresh outdoor air twice in almost three months.
He looks bummed out in this photo, but he was just mad at me adjusting for his hat...

  When I finally stopped messing with him, he smiled and looked up at the sky.  
Baby's first snow.

The boys tired of the cold pretty quickly so we brought some snow indoors to make Snow-Cream.  So simple and it actually tasted good.
 A little sugar, cream, vanilla and 8 cups of fresh snow.
 Mix it up and add some sprinkles on top.  Voila!

After their afternoon nap I asked them if they wanted to go back outside, but they were a little apprehensive since it was still snowing and windy.  
So we decided to have an indoor snow ball fight.
The boys against Dad.
 Yep...they're still wearing their pjs from the night before.  And Sullivan's shirt is still on backwards.  And, as always, he lost his pants at some point during the day.

 Sully trying to carry as many snowballs as he could along with the "airplane"  he made during craft time earlier in the day.

Max kept the fresh beats playing all day long.  My little dj is still loving the Yo Gabba Gabba album he got from Santa :)
It was fun being snowed in together.  
Ok, now spring can come! :)

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