Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Happy Weekend.

Sometimes we have a weekend that is just so good.  No real plans.  No pressure.  Just invitations to hang out.  And eat.  And play.  Those are the best kind of weekends.


A trip to the country with my city boys...
Friends of ours live about an hour and a half from us.  They have a beautiful piece of land and 4 (FOUR!) boys.  We explored the wide open spaces and introduced ourselves to all of the animals.
This gorgeous old cabin sits behind their home and has a view of the lake.  Parts of it seem to be frozen in time.  I want it.


Dinner, charades and Candyland with family...
Fletch talking to PopPop.
Fletcher enjoyed his dinner with Uncle Sean after we had a our Mexican feast.
Hanging out with Uncle B.
The cousins love to get together and play games with Mimi.

It really was a relaxing weekend.
The time spent with fresh air, friends and family was good for all of us.

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