Friday, February 7, 2014

Sullivan | 2.5 years

Another half-birthday in the books.

I love this little tradition we have with the kids.  It's kind of silly, but it's our way of checking in halfway through the year to say to them...
"In case you forgot...we're so glad you were born."  

Plus who doesn't love a reason to celebrate?

I can't believe this is our third half-bday celebration with Sully.
6 months
18 months
2.5 years
The boys' favorite part is, of course, the games.  
They love the foosball table and playing Golden Tee with Dad.

And what's better than nachos and pizza for dinner!
When we were finished eating Sullivan said "My belly happy" :)  I love this kid.

My sweet little fox was there too!  Max made sure he didn't feel left out by giving him some love in between games :)

And speaking of Fletcher...we don't know where we're going to start his half-birthday tradition.  Max has "Max's Diner" and Sullivan has "Sully's Pub".  I'm not aware of any restaurants called "Fletcher's".  Any suggestions?! :)

Sullivan's 1/2 Birthday {2013}

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