Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Fox | 3 Months

My dear,
You're now three months old.  

You're still sleeping at my bedside, even though you're sleeping through the night just fine.  When you fall asleep in my arms at the end of the day I don't want to put you down.  And when I hear you stir in the middle of the night I peek into your bassinet, half hoping you're awake.  I've been known to pick you up even if you're not, just to kiss the top of your head, trace the outline of your face and stroke your chubby cheeks.

I love our quiet moments together.  I can feel our hearts being woven together so tightly when its just the two of us awake in the dimly lit room.  Solidifying a bond that will last forever.  Sadly our nighttime rendezvous are getting fewer and farther in between.  I guess I should be thankful you're such a champion sleeper.

However, in the light of day, witnessing your personality unfold is equally gratifying.  You're also starting to engage your brothers with your babbling, cooing and smiling.  They're so thrilled with these first signs of reciprocation.  

Every time you smile at Sully, he'll excitedly exclaim..."Fwetch WOVES me!" And then Max will say "No...he love ME!" :)

You're creating magic in our lives, sweet boy.  And we love you so much.

My whole heart, 

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