Monday, September 8, 2014

Future's So Bright

The summer flew by and the boys are back in school.  Sullivan is officially a "pre-schooler" and Max is in Pre-K.  They're in school three, half-days a week. 

When we started this program Max was 18 months old and went one day a week.  We called it "school" but it was really just "mother's day out".  The Pre-K kid's that had a classroom across the hall at that time seemed like such big kids!  I blinked and now my Max is one of those "big kids".  I'm already mentally preparing myself for Kindergarten next year.  I can already feel our carefree days slipping away.  Next year at this time we'll actually have to BE somewhere at a specific time....every single weekday.  We're so used to doing whatever we want, whenever we want.  Our days are very spontaneous.  I know it sounds selfish and stubborn, but I'm not ready for that to be taken away.  We'll be living it up this year that's for sure!

Take a look at my baby on is FIRST First Day ever...
(same lunchbox ;)

The day before school I gave them their back-to-school surprises.
Max had been begging me for "tie shoes" and really wants to learn to tie laces himself.  And since Sully is now an official pre-schooler he gets a backpack this year.
And my kids love getting new undies :)
We had our traditional back-to-school breakfast.

 And I put mini paper airplane notes in their lunch.
 Getting our gifts for the teachers ready...
 A quick pic with Dad...
Sullivan was so excited!  He wanted his own pic :)
 So proud of my little guys!

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