Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Half.

In our family not much time passes without us finding an excuse to celebrate something or someone.  I love it that way.

And because...half-birthdays...why not?

We get to give the special kid a little extra love and say "you're half-way until your next birthday!"  These celebrations don't include gifts or cake...I'm not totally crazy.  It's just a fun dinner at "their" restaurant.  They think its pretty awesome and I think its pretty awesome that I don't have to cook on these occasions.
 Sully's Pub is a dive bar that has really good nachos and surprisingly delicious pizza.  We always go super early to avoid the "why are there kids here?" looks ;)   It's not our most nutritious meal of the year, but I brought oranges and carrot sticks to balance out the trans fat consumption.  The boys think its the best dinner ever.

Cheers to you, Sully 3.5!

And because I can never help myself...a quick flashback:

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