Monday, March 2, 2015

Celebrating Max

Max had a very memorable "birthday week".  It sadly started out with a trip to the doctor + shots.  He was very brave, but said the shots hurt way more than he thought they would :(  At least he got lunch and ice cream with Mom and Dad afterward. 
{Stats: 44 lbs, 44 inches - 90th  percentile}

We had a small family gathering on his actual birthday.  I kept it very simple...taco bar and cake/ice cream.  Max requested a Batman theme...
Make a wish!

 Mimi and Fletcher looking at the ViewFinder.  I order a new slide of pictures for the birthday kid each year.  It's a fun and quick way to see their year in review. 

The gift we were most excited to give Max was a trip to Colorado to go skiing and visit Uncle Mike and Aunt Jane.  He had been begging us to go skiing since he had immersed himself in the Winter Olympics last year.
 I put these clues in a bag so he could guess what his present was...
1) a drawing of mountains
2) a picture of him with Uncle Michael
3) New ski goggles

 He was excited but, delayed gratification is still a little hard for a 5-year-old to grasp.
(more on our skiing adventure to come in a future post...hint: he LOVED it!)

His other gift, however, produced the priceless reaction every parent hopes for on their kiddo's birthday...
"big boy" bike!
 He was thrilled and my heart soared seeing him so happy.

His birthday fun didn't stop there.  He also got to have a party with his 10 school friends at Science City.  Max is really interested in space/rocket ships/astronauts, etc so it was an easy choice.

Max packing his party favors...
Hmm...what's missing?  Evidence of the Milky Way thief... ;)

Sooooo excited for his party!  Even wore his rocket ship jammies the night before.

At Science City learning about circuits and electricity.
Then they got to turn their projects into a planet.

So happy...
Time for cupcakes and popcorn!

So much brother love...
After their activity and treats we got to explore all of Science City.  
The kids had a blast and I was exhausted at the end!
Max collected donations for the Ronald McDonald House in lieu of gifts for the 5th year in a row.  I love how rewarding this act of kindness has become for him.
He filled out his own donation sheet this year.
 You bring us so much joy, Max McAlister.  I hope your 5th birthday was all you had anticipated :)

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