Monday, February 2, 2015

Half-written/Never posted: This blog is for you (and me)

My dear boys,

This blog is my gift to you.  A true labor of love.  You'll be able to get a glimpse into your young lives when you're all grown up one day far too soon.  And in the future when your significant other asks "What were you like as a little boy?"  You can direct them to these pages where your mother spent hours pouring her heart out over you ;)

I have written and posted photos as often as time allows since the week Max was born.  And although this blog is for you, it's also for me.  Documenting your lives and writing words brings me comfort.  Organizing my thoughts and photos all within the confines of one space keeps me feeling (somewhat) sane.  This blog is my therapy and gives me peace.  My only anxiety surrounding the blog is that I'll run out of words.  So far, though, you provide endless inspiration :)

You both like to "hear stories" from the printed version of the blog.  I sometimes read a few posts to you before naps or bedtime. We started from the very first "Murray Party" blog post ever.  I love to see you guys light up when you see the tiny you experiencing things for the first time.  +

Once when we were reading,

#half-written / abandoned blog post

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