Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Half-Written/Never posted | Top 20 of 2014

As the new year approaches I'm reflecting on 2014.  
Trying to narrow down the highlights was tougher than I thought.  We had a pretty good year.
Here are the 20 moments that top my list...

1) The time we kicked off the beginning of the year in the best way possible.  Ringing in 2014 at home with my babies and dearest friends.

 2)  The time we got snowed in and we played outside and made snow ice cream.

3)  The time when Max and Sully both asked me to be their Valentine forever and ever.

4) The time all three of my boys were being irresistibly cute and I couldn't stop taking photos.

5)  The moment when the oldest cousin and youngest cousin met for the first time.

6)  The time when I realized I'm officially a soccer mom.

7) The sweetness of baby's first Easter.

8) The time we got to be in a local dentist commercial :)
ready to start shooting!
 9)  The moment when our baby boy was baptized.

10)  The time we got to go to Ireland with our best friends in the whole world.

11)  The time when we got to spend 4th of July with family in Tennessee,

12)  The time when my man's party got rained out, but turned out better than expected.

13) That glorious day when the kids went back to school.








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