Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Half-written/Never posted: The Good Stuff

One of my favorite authors/artists/humans on earth posted this today:
Credit: Dallas Clayton
 I want to be the little pink guy holding the dandelion.  After seeing this it struck me that the main thing that overwhelms me in life is all the "stuff" we hold onto.  It makes me feel heavy and sluggish.  Clothes and toys and just THINGS.  The thought of all the stuff makes me panicky  

Starting now we are going to begin purging and only holding onto the good stuff.  
Seriously this time.

To soothe my anxious heart I opened a file on my desktop that I keep labeled "random pix".  It's a collection of my favorite pictures from over the years.  My happy place.   I can't flip through the images in that file without smiling.  Ater slowly scrolling through the images I closed the folder and renamed it 'The Good Stuff".

The pure. The free. The joy-inducing. 
This is what the good stuff in life looks like. (to me)
"holding sunshine in my hands" - Max
vacation...breaking the rules.

And after all, we

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