Monday, January 26, 2015

Abandoned Blog Posts

My blog account is a ghost town of half-written posts I've never published.  So many stories sit lonely in the "drafts" folder. Some I never finished because I ran out of time, or maybe the relevancy passed or I just struggled to find the focus to finish it. 

I’ve been quiet on the blog recently.  
My usual pace of once-a-week posts has slowed to once a month at best. There's no one reason in particular. 

Life has been beautiful and cluttered as usual, much like the words inside me. Sometimes they flow onto the screen effortlessly, and other times, I find myself stuck, trying to sift through my thoughts and make sense of what's on my heart.

 So in an effort to break my writers block I'm going to publish some of those forgotten/half written blog posts over the next couple weeks.  Set them free.  They'll be incomplete and irrelevant, but I'm embracing the fact that not everything comes in a perfectly wrapped package. 

I'm challenging myself to have the courage to hit the "publish" button without editing, rewording or adding anything to the posts.  Fragmented and partially complete will have to be enough. 

Stay tuned ;)

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