Friday, August 29, 2014


August is always a month of milestones for our family.
This year Max turned 4.5 years, Sully turned 3, Fletch turned 9 months + Billy and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary.   

{August 6th} Sullivan Michael | 3 years 
Sullivan, you are so sweet and so mischievous.  
You've also developed quite the "attitude". Not sure what I'm going to do about that.  Especially since your angry face is still completely adorable. 
Last year I was worried about your speech, but you're speaking in clear and full sentences now.  Even if they're not grammatically correct.  The other day you said (yelled) "ME sit in MINE chair!"  The cuteness of that sentence.  I didn't even correct you.  I know you'll figure it out someday and I'll miss the "toddler talk".

 {August 12th} Fletcher William | 9 months
Fletch, you usually get your own post for monthly milestones, but this month we have a lot to celebrate so this little snipet will have to do. This month you became a pro bear-crawler.  You're so fast on all fours.  You can also stand independently, but can't seem to get your legs to work yet :)  Fine with me...walking can wait!  You also say "momma"!  Your Daddy tries to get you to say "Dada", but you just give him your dimply smile, then look at me and say "Momma" in the sweetest voice. It melts my heart into a puddle on the floor.  Your favorite things to do these days are putting anything/everything in your mouth and you especially love to play in the toilet bowl water when *some people* leave the lid up.  

{August 13th} Max McAlister | 4.5 years

Your half-birthday!  The tradition continues.  I love to see our family grow in these photos...

{August 20th} Wedding Anniversary | 9 years
We continued our tradition of spending a portion of our anniversary with the boys.  Max said "I love when it's anniversary day.  I'm really glad you got married."  It made me smile because on some small, 4-year-old level he's already seeing the value of marriage and how important it is to me and Billy.

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