Monday, July 14, 2014

Fletcher | 8 Months

Dear Fletcher, 
I've got my happy baby back!  Your bottom teeth finally broke through the surface (just barely), thank goodness.  However I can see more are planning to give you trouble soon.  It looks like they're all going to come in at once, so I think this reprieve from teething pain is sadly going to be very brief.

Also, you're CRAWLING (see video below)!
Freedom.  You love it.  It's adorable to watch you explore/cruise around on your own free will.  The only downside is that I now have to constantly check the floor for half-eaten pretzels and game pieces left behind by big bros.
 You eat like a champ and it shows in those chunky thighs.  You'll have a check-up next month, so we'll see how much you've grown!

However, I don't think your smile could get any bigger...
The happiness I see in your eyes. That sweet face.  It's everything to me.

You are such a magical part of our lives, little mister.

My whole heart, 
***********Fletcher Crawling Video***********

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