Monday, July 21, 2014

100 Acts of Kindness

About a year ago we started a "Kindness Counter".  It hangs in our kitchen and we use it to keep track of the nice things the boys do without being asked.  Things like: sharing your snack, letting the other be/choose/go "first" (trust me, being "first" is huge right now), being positive and encouraging with each other.   

It also works in can loose "Kindness Points" for doing unkind things, too.  Things like:  riding your baby brother like a horse, chasing your sibling with the hose on full blast while he's screaming/crying, and trying to pee in the toilet while the other happens to already be using the toilet.  One step forward, two steps back :)  

But they finally broke 100 last month!  
When we began there was no prize or reward offered.  I told them that they don't get "treats" for being kind.  You should be kind for kindness sake.  The act of  flipping the cards to the next number when a point is earned proved to be all the incentive they need.  They love it.  And the shame of being the one to lose points is a good enough motivator to try to be kind.

However, once we hit 100, I felt like a little acknowledgment was due.  That's a lot of kindness.  So I surprised them with a chocolate Skyscraper from Winstead's.  They had never seen anything so grand.
We barely put a dent in it, but the boys were in sweet, brain-freeze heaven until they couldn't take another bite.  We ended up leaving with three to-go cups of chocolate shake to put in the freezer when we got home. 

And we'll continue to work on the way we interact with each kind act at a time. 

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