Thursday, July 10, 2014

4th of July...Southern Style

This year we packed up the car and the kids and headed south to visit family in Tennessee for the holiday weekend.

We got to stay in their new beautiful home, see their beautiful faces and relax all weekend.

The boys are so enamored with their big cousins.  We pretty much let them roam free, eat whatever they wanted and stay up late.  And they wanted very little to do with us.  Max wouldn't even let me read to him before bed...only cousin Fiona could do that.

It was really special to sit back and watch the cousins bonding.  It was a relaxing getaway and we are so thankful to all SIX of our wonderful hosts who made us feel at home.
Checking out Aunt Kim's garden.
Checking on the chickens.
Cade and Max
Fletcher loved Dixie the dog!
Uncle Brad meeting Fletch for the first time.
Lots of pool time.
Face painting at the farmers market.
Italian ice for all.
Lunch at the Boat House.
A patriotic pic.
Found all the parachute guys....
....but Max was not happy that there weren't actual guys at the end so they drew faces on the cardboard :)
Shuckin' corn.
Admiring the fireworks collection.
Ella and Dixie {and a very frightened Sully in the background :)}
The kids had so much fun playing together.
Cade feeding Fletch while Billy and I cooked dinner.
Brother and sister.
So late.  Waaay past bedtime.
We left Tennessee with very tired, but happy hearts :)

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