Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fletcher | 2 Months

Here we go.  Another month down.
While an average size at birth...Fletcher has grown into a fat little fox-monster.  I shouldn't be surprised.  All of my boys are big.  But seeing my tiny little newborn skip all the way to 6 month clothes has made me feel a bit wistful.
You'd think that with my third child I'd be really laid back, and in most ways I am...the sound of crying doesn't stress me out, every little grunt or sneeze doesn't make me run to his side in a panic.  I don't wake in the middle of the night just to make sure he's breathing.  However, I'm preserving his baby-ness more than I did with the other two.
When Max was a baby he was on the fast track from day one.  I followed all "deadlines" imposed by the baby books...I introduced him to a bottle within the first two weeks, moved him to his nursery to sleep at exactly 12 weeks and encouraged him to walk at 9 months.  Interestingly, the results of all of this can been seen in Max's serious, rule-following personality nearly 4 years later.  I was a bit more relaxed with Sullivan, but still happy to move him along.

With Fletcher, I'm hanging on. It takes everything I have in me to leave him for even an hour or two.  I avoided giving him a bottle in the beginning and now I'm paying the price for it since he's somewhat reluctant to take it at this point.

I've already witnessed how quickly they grow up twice and I've been determined that its not going to fly by this time.  But its already begun.

On the positive side, seeing a little personality emerge as each day passes is one of the greatest prizes of parenthood.  Fletcher has started smiling and getting super excited when he tries to "talk".   And after perfecting the "serious frown" that reminds me so much of Max, he has started getting more smiley each day.  He's finally getting the hang of it! :) Not quite as serious as Max was...not quite as silly as Sullivan was.  He's very much his own person already.

Dear Fletcher,

  I love the person I see when I look into those ink-blue eyes of yours.  We talk.  I tell you all of the ways that we belong together.  Watching you try to get words and sounds out brings me the greatest joy.  Your arms flail wildly as you try to convey how much you love me too ;)  I listen and smile and ignore my to-do list as I soak up every minute I get with the person you are today. Because I know I'll miss you soon.  I know I'll miss this little person who is right in front of me because of all the changes you will undergo in this first year.

You have reshaped our home and our hearts.  You have made your way into every corner of our lives.  Your newness has been exchanged for a comfortable belonging-ness that comes with being a perfect fit.

2 months in and we couldn't love you more.

My whole heart, 


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