Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Traditions

I wasn't sure if we were going to keep up with all of our Christmas traditions this year with a newborn in tow.  However, Fletcher's transition into our family has been so effortless we haven't missed a beat.  All traditions have been accounted for ;)

{Visiting Santa}
Rookie move...we visited the Crown Center Santa on a Sunday.  We made this mistake with Max on his first Christmas and vowed to go only on a weekday in the future...which we did the following two years.  However, I thought we could outsmart some people by arriving prior to the stores opening, but everyone else had the same brilliant idea.

Daddy and Fletch hanging out in line.
Two hours, $20 at the candy barrel and one meltdown in the toy store later...it was our turn! (thanks to Billy and Fletch holding our spot in line!)
I was totally surprised that both boys were fine with Santa this year.  Max is generally really cautious with people so I thought he'd be shy.  They both confidently asked for what they wanted.  And when Santa asked who had been a good boy...Max proudly raised his hand.

{Baby's First Christmas Ornament}
Whenever I thought of having another boy and naming him Fletcher...the nickname "Fletcher Fox" naturally followed for some reason.  It just seemed to fit.  I've been calling him my little fox since he was born.

I've made each of the kids' "First Christmas" ornaments and was excited to make Fletcher's too.  This time I got in a little over my head since my vision required sewing skills.  So I designed the fox, cut out the felt pieces and then my Gram sewed it for me :)  A team effort for our little fox's first ornament.

{12 Days of Christmas}
The boys counting all of the ornaments to hang on the tree.
 They've done a great job sharing the task of hanging an ornament each night...as long as they BOTH are able to have their hands on it at the same time.  If one takes full possession, even for a second, things escalate quickly :)

{Christmas Lights Tour}
 Getting their Christmas cookies and hot chocolate for the ride.
I barely looked at the lights because the look on their faces was my favorite part.  And Sullivan's chocolate mouth was just too cute.
It began to snow as soon as we reached Candy Cane Lane.

{The Little Tree and Christmas Books}
Busy decorating...
 Once they were finished decorating I put wrapped holiday books under the tree.  One to read each night until Christmas.  We use the same books every year and get a few new ones from the library.

 Sully loves the Llama Llama one :)

{Christmas Card Envelopes}
Our Christmas card envelopes!  This was Max's idea last year and I loved it.  The boys spent so much time and care making each envelope unique.

{Elf on the Shelf}
 They love to see the funny things the elf is up to each morning. Below he was having a sack race with his buddies...

{Handmade gifts}
Possibly my favorite tradition.  I get to spend special time with each of the guys secretly planning and creating something for the other.  They cannot wait to give each other their gifts!

Elephant Stilts for Max:

Geo Board for Sully:
They're putting the finishing touches on their projects this week :)  And they have a project they're working on together for Fletch.

The anticipation for Christmas is growing in the Murray house!

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