Monday, December 30, 2013

A Christmas Story {In Photos}

Christmas was extra fun this year.  Everything was a little more special...and a little more hectic...with three :)

On Christmas Eve the anticipation of opening gifts was almost too much to handle.  So I let them open their Christmas slippers and their homemade gifts to each other.
 Batman and Superman slippers!
Max was convinced they would make him run faster, so he took off before I got a picture of the two of them together.  You can see the blur of him taking off below...

 They were so proud of the gifts that they made and wrapped themselves.  As Sullivan opened the GeoBoard Max made for him he kept whispering "Oh wow...oh wow..." He really really liked it :)
 And Max loved stomping around in his elephant stilts.

They also had worked on a gift especially for Fletcher earlier in the week. A "time capsule" to keep all of his day-you-were-born memorabilia.
  Serious business.

Inside it we put the front page of the newspaper from 11-12-13, his hospital hat, foot prints and wristband, a picture of the sunrise from our labor room window and two drawings of Fletcher from the boys with messages to him that they came up with on their own and I wrote down for them.
 They gave it to Fletcher when we got home from our Christmas Eve festivities.

Christmas Eve at Lolli & Boobo's...  
It's not easy getting a good picture of everyone!  I love Max and Annabelle in these pictures though...
Sullivan loved playing with the little town. 
Max took this photo of Lolli and Boobo all by himself!
 After we left the Christmas Eve festivities we drove through the streets in our neighborhood to see the luminary lights.
When we got home we had to leave out cookies for Santa.  And smother littlest brother with kisses...:)

And then Santa came!
They each receive three gifts each, just like Jesus did on the night he was born.  And then one big shared gift and stockings.  The shared gift for all three of them was a large floor piano and the book "The Three Brothers".
 Fletcher's three gifts:  An Andy Warhol Colors book, push horse and a robot sensory block.
In his stocking he got a fox rattle, wooden whistle (he loves the sound!), a hide-and-seek bird and a Bill Murray onesie :)
Sullivan's three gifts: A sleeping bag w/walkie talkie, a dart game and a light box.
In his stocking he got an Animated Music DVD, electric toothbrush, Nursery Rhyme game, an Automoblox car and a Chicago BEARS sweater.
Max's three gifts: Sleeping bag w/walkie talkie, skateboard/scooter and a Yo Gabba Gabba record.
In his stocking he got a table top ping pong game, an "Under-appreciated Animals" matching game, electric toothbrush an Automoblox car and a "Where the Wild Things Are" sweatshirt.

I also made the big boys a homemade gift.  Sully got train rocks and Max got story rocks (you make up a story given the images on the rocks)

Everything was a hit.  They were so happy.

Until I made Sullivan try on his BEARS vest and called him mini-Mike Ditka :)  He always wants a "Cago Bears shirt" to wear because Max has one, so I thought he'd love this.  Turns out he does not. 

Santa was very good to me this year too.  He brought me emerald earrings, a new Kindle Fire and a Soda Stream (for my carbonation addiction) and a plane ticket to Ireland. But my favorite thing was this bracelet from Fletcher.  Now I have something engraved from all my boys with their name/birthday.

Lastly we had Christmas dinner at the Murray's.
The kids love being surrounded by their big cousins...and MORE presents.  I wish I had a picture of the mini Lakers jersey Sean, Lisa and the boys got for's SO hilarious.  If you've seen the movie "Fletch" you know why this gift is so awesome :)

We really had an amazing Christmas and this isn't even a small sample of all the fun and hundreds of pictures I took.  I might need to do a follow up post of the celebrating we did when my brother was in town prior to Christmas and our gingerbread house decorating and the adorable wooden kitchen that Lolli and Boobo got for the boys.  Christmas is exhausting, isn't it?!  I love it, but thankful that it only comes once a year :)

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