Sunday, November 2, 2014


Super fun Halloween this year.  We kicked things off with  "Spooky Breakfast" like we do each year.  As always, the simplest things make them so excited.

Like the little bat-pumpkins.  And a new trick-or-treat bucket + glow stick sword.

We had chocolate chip ghost pancakes, orange milk and grapes.  

Breakfast was followed by a quick craft...

 Later in the day Sully was too excited to take his afternoon nap, so he helped set up the luminaries and "eyes" in the bushes instead.  Skipping the nap ended up being a bad move...he was SO exhausted by the time we went trick-or-treating.

 We decided to stay in our 'hood this year.  We really missed seeing the cousins like we usually do, but we thought it was time to make some Halloween memories in our own neighborhood.

 And our neighborhood goes all out for Halloween.   Lots of lights, music, people jumping out of bushes, smoke machines and full-sized candy.   Chili dogs at one house, adult beverages at another.  Its a party.  And the secret has gotten out because the streets were full of people from other areas.

This house was blasting the Ghost Buster's theme song and had a huge Stay Puft marshmallow man.

 The night was a success.  The boys scored some good candy and we ran out of ours.  And the adults who stopped by our house got a treat too... ;)

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