Tuesday, April 8, 2014

We've Got a Soccer Player!

I love having boys for so many reasons.  However, there was one thing that I was NOT looking forward to as a "boy mom"...and its definitely not the thing most people would assume :)

For me, it was SPORTS (I realize I'm stereotyping here, but I just wasn't a girl who played sports).  I see the value in team sports and want all of my children to play them (whether boys or girls), but I never had any interest.  

I remember putting baby Max in one of the many sports-themed onesies we were inundated with when we announced we had a boy and thinking..."I better start embracing this".   At that point the thought of spending weekends at soccer fields, football games, basketball tournaments, etc made me less than excited.  How was I going to be enthusiastic about sports if my son(s) chose to play them?  

Well, I found out how.  It's when your kid is on the field and they're loving every minute of it.

Max just started playing Pre-K soccer with Brookside Soccer Club and already I'm hooked.  Watching him learn new skills and run down the field (most likely in the wrong direction) with a huge smile on his face...it doesn't get any better.

I'm also impressed that he can actually dribble the ball and pick up other basic skills pretty easily.  He has better coordination at 4 years old than I do as an adult.  When it comes to the athletic gene I'm merely a "carrier". I hope that with all the athletic ability on my side of the family and in Billy's family that my boys find sports come easy to them.  But if they don't, their momma will sure be able to empathize.

For now, there's nothing I'd rather do on a beautiful Saturday morning than watch my little soccer player give it all he's got on the field (well...at least until he notices a snack on the sidelines :)

Obviously, I had to find some sort of creative angle to the whole business, so I surprised Max with a personalized water bottle before his first game.  Apparently having a genuine water bottle is a very key element to his soccer playing.  He explained that to me after being sent to a couple practices with a plain old bottle of water.  He was thrilled with the upgrade.

A little reward was in order after his first game.   Thanks (I guess?) to Lolli & Boobo for these charming suckers ;)

I'm no longer worried about my lack of love for sports, because the love I have for my boys more than makes up for it.  And whatever they choose to pursue I'll be their #1 fan.

Go Team!
Sara, Soccer Mom

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