Monday, April 14, 2014

Fletcher | 5 months

Hello happiness!
That infectious smile gets me every time. 

You're so easygoing and sweet.
I wish I could bottle this joy...

You've started to develop a solid routine recently...which is both good and bad.  I love the predictability, but you also really, really want to be in your bed for naps now (you take 3, but I'd like to consolidate to 2 longer ones if you'll cooperate).  High pitched screeching begins if you're not in your dark, quite room (and tightly swaddled) when you're ready to sleep. No more snoozing in the car seat while Momma runs errands.  It makes scheduling things a bit more challenging.  It's like a puzzle...keeping your brothers' routine, coordinating it with your schedule and fitting in outtings and activities.  We're finding our groove, though.

You're still eating like a champ.  Nursing most of the time, but I've started supplementing with a bit of formula.  I haven't formally introduced solids yet, but I let you try some bites of avocado and banana when they happened to be on my plate one day.  You loved both!

You're able to reach for toys now and are really working on coordinating your hands to get things into your mouth.  It's so cute to watch the intense concentration on your face.  Witnessing a baby develop new skills never gets old no matter how many times I've experienced it before.  

You remain the center of your brothers' universe.  They read you books, show you toys and make sure your socks stay on.  And now you reach for them when they're near, which makes them feel so special.  They say "I think Fletch loves me!" :)  The foundation of a deep bond is being formed right before my eyes.

Five months have gone by in a flash.  I've looked back and I've looked forward, but I'm stopping to enjoy you right now, today. I'm taking note of the way your head fits perfectly in the curve of my neck, the weight of your sleeping body in my arms right before I lay you in your crib,  the softness of your skin.  These things can only be preserved in memory.  No picture, video or blog can capture them.

Loving a child feels both heavy and light.  The weight of the worry and the loss of time as it passes, combined with the lightness of giving selfless, pure love to another.  I hope you experience it for yourself one day, my dear Fletcher.  And when you do you'll know how much I truly love you.

My whole heart,

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