Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fletcher Fox Throws a Party

We're loving Fletcher's playgroup!

I'm so glad we decided to join a separate group just for him with babies his age.  Max and Sullivan have their own playgroup that we've been a part of for three years now.  The women and kiddos have become dear friends.  It's kind of fun starting from the beginning again with a new group of awesome ladies and adorable babies.

We get together once a week to play, but after the rockin' baby Valentine's Day party given by one of Fletcher's friends last month we thought we'd keep the good times rolling with a St. Patrick's Day party. 
Fletch and Daddy in their Irish gear ready for the guests to arrive.
(We strategically timed the party for when the big brothers would be napping...otherwise it would have become the Max and Sully Show :)

We put out a few drinks and snacks...Chocolate Guinness Cake, Rainbow Fruit Skewers and Boulevard Beer Cheese Dip. 

My Irish Hooligan :)
Ready to party!

So fun to get to know these ladies/babies better and for our husbands to all meet each other too.

It was a fun way to kick off the "Irish Season" :)

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