Monday, March 17, 2014

Fletcher | 4 Months

My sweet Fletcher.  I can't get enough of that heart-bursting smile.  
You're such a happy boy.  You only truly cry right before you fall asleep.  Its a funny pattern we've noticed and the only time we ever see you sad.  I'm not sure why you fight it, but once you're asleep you sleep well.  

We're all having so much fun getting to know you.  Learning what makes you smile, the way you prefer to be swaddled (with your legs out!) and the toys you like best (the play mat mirror and your animal flashcards).  

You also love it when I sing to you.  The way you look at me when I sing (usually the Frozen soundtrack these days) makes me tear up.  There is so much love in your eyes.  It radiates from you.  Your brothers' reaction to my singing is not so moving ;)

We're cherishing this time in your life.  You're incredibly interactive and eager to learn about the world around you.  Our little sponge.  Feeding your curiosity is so gratifying.  

That's why we were thankful to have some "two-on-one" time with you a couple weeks ago.  Brothers were spending the night out so we took you on a date.  We stopped by one of our favorite spots, Aixios, and then headed down to the Nelson.  
Super excited to have Mom and Dad to himself.

 You LOVED the art gallery and kicked wildly at the paintings that had the most contrast.

There was live jazz in the Courtyard so we grabbed a table to listen for awhile.

You are such a bright little soul.  A happy light in our lives.
Our love is overflowing for you and we're looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us next.   

Happy four months!

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