Monday, May 11, 2015

On Motherhood {+ Scenes from Our Weekend}

On Mother's Day this year, as I watched my three play in the backyard, I was thinking about how the experience of being a mom has made me so vulnerable in the most unexpected way. To love anything on this earth as much as I love my children - it’s such a distinct and exposed feeling. Natural, but raw and inescapable.  Many say it's like "having your own heart out in the world, living outside your body". It pretty much does feel like that. It's something I could never have prepared myself for over five years ago when I first earned the title "momma".  It's a feeling that never fades no matter how long you've been I mom, I would guess. 

When I check on them before heading to bed at night sometimes I'll whisper “I can’t believe how much I love you” to their sleeping faces before quietly closing the bedroom door.  And then I lay down next to Billy and try to describe how wonderful I think they are (which is always so much easier to do when they're quiet, sleeping little angels tucked in bed for the night ;)

I've learned that motherhood is almost always putting yourself at the bottom of the list, for nearly everything, yet somehow never feeling like you're missing out.  
It's a gift unlike any other.

I adore my boys who dedicated their little hearts to making Mother's Day special for I adore my husband who observes Mother's Day weekend.  I didn't lift a finger starting Friday at 5 :)

Scenes from our days:
This team made me feel like a queen all weekend. (post soccer game pic on Sat)
The boys were in their own beds when I said goodnight,
but at some point they made a little nest on the bottom bunk using pillows from the daybed and extra blankets.  Sweetness.
It's kind of dorky, but one of my favorite things to do together is grocery shop.
Probably because it combines two  of my favorite things: food and family.
A long-awaited (like, since September of last year) breakfast at Heirloom Bakery & Hearth.
The homemade pop-tart was sooo worth it.
Local a blanket :)
This was the best gift ever.  Rose petal foot soak, sugar scrub, massage.  And they brushed my hair :)
They asked me to this little spa experience with a formal, homemade invitation.
They remembered all of my favorite details.
Wait a minute.  Weren't the chocolate covered strawberries for me?
Fletch was not super impressed with the whole spa experience idea.
He stole a strawberry and escaped to the teeter-totter.
Sidewalk chalk
Sprucing up the water table.
ALL my guys love the fort ;)
 Thank you boys, for making me feel loved and appreciated.  It's truly my honor to be your momma.

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