Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Our Easter

Egg hunts, baskets and candy aside...we had a very meaningful Lent and Easter full of hope and lots of family time. We phased out the bunny this year and read real stories about Easter each night before bed. The big boys had their first (mini) experience with Lent and even Fletcher received ashes for the first time on Ash Wednesday (such a sweet and solemn thing to see a baby wearing ashes).

We, of course, enjoyed all the other parts of Easter too!   New Easter jammies (is that a thing for everyone?), good food and endless, unsupervised candy consumption :)
Fresh kiddos in new pjs on Easter-eve!
We didn't tell the boys that there was no bunny, we just didn't really mention it at all in the weeks leading up to Easter. Max had his suspicions last year anyway..."Mom, is the Easter Bunny that comes to our house a man in a bunny costume...or is it a real rabbit like from our backyard?"   I did the classic "What do you think?" mom answer, because, really, both of those options are kind of creepy.  At the same time I didn't exactly want to say there was no bunny.  I mostly didn't want to ruin it for other children...because if I told Max matter-of-factly that the Easter Bunny doesn't exist he'd be declaring it from the rooftop at preschool for sure.  So, subtle is the way we decided to go.

At any rate, baskets appeared outside their doors on Easter morning. And they didn't care how they got there :)
Sully showing Fletcher his vintage top.
The hunt is an awesome excuse to climb on furniture.
{the green tape is where our built-in bench will go, yay!}
Surveying their loot...coins, M&Ms, tootsie rolls, cheddar bunny crackers.
Pleased with the return :)
I think the vintage tops got the most attention.

 After sorting through their new fun things.  We headed to Mass.
Walking the wall is always a must.  It takes longer to get inside, but its waaay more fun this way :)
A quick iPhone photo in the courtyard.
We arrived early to listen to the horns and the bell choir from the balcony.  The boys just danced and danced until the service started.  So sweet.

Here's a look at the rest of our celebrations...
Meyers family Easter at The Vintage House.
Murray family Easter at Mimi & PopPop's house.
PopPop laying down the rules.
Fletch wasn't in the mood to hang out with anyone except his big cousins :)
Aunt Lisa helping Max find eggs.

 Early Easter celebration at Lolli & Boobo's on Saturday...
Lolli and Boobo and their brood.
 It was a happy Easter for all :)

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