Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Another Beginning...

We had a little surprise around St. Patrick's Day this year.  
We'll be welcoming baby #3 into our family in November!

We. Cannot. Wait.

What amazes me is how seeing a healthy heartbeat on a sonogram and feeling the first teeny flutters hasn't lost its magic.  You'd think experiencing everything the third time around might seem routine and ordinary.  But miracles never stop being miraculous. Hearing the heartbeat at a doctors appointment still takes my breath away.  Watching tiny arms and legs wiggle on that black and white screen makes me tear up every time.

A new life has begun.  Another little one to grow our hearts and expand our family.  

I always want this babe to know that his/her pending arrival was just as exciting to us as our first two stinkers.  We shared the news in fun ways when we were pregnant with the boys so I wanted to plan a cute way to tell everyone the big news for #3 too.  

I let Billy and the boys in on my secret a few days before St. Patrick's Day.  I usually give them fun little gag gifts in preparation for St. Pats so getting this package wasn't really a surprise...
 But what was inside the box was! :)
I didn't get any pictures of Billy opening the box.  I really just wanted to experience the moment with my boys ;)  

This is Max checking out the onesie again later on.  He's so excited to be "getting another baby".

We told my family during our annual "Pre-Easter Celebration".  I took one regular photo and then during the second one I said "I'm pregnant!"  The image captured is priceless.  

Pic #1.  Normal.

Pic #2.  SURPRISE!
 Dear baby, if you ever question how excited everyone was about you joining our family please reference the above picture.

The shouts of happy surprise were so loud Sullivan started to cry and Max had to cover his ears :)  Every time I look at these pictures back to back I get the biggest smile on my face.

And last but certainly not least we told the Murray family on Easter.  We hosted Thanksgiving at our house last year and inherited the big turkey roaster from Billy's parents.  So we brought it back to his parent's house and announced that we would NOT be hosting Thanksgiving again this year.  When the box was opened the balloon popped out.  Billy gets credit for this idea...I was impressed with his creative thinking.

Ah, I love sharing good news.

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  1. I loved the way you announced your pregnancy to both sides of your family! You are so creative Sara!

    Katie Still